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  • Adidas Womens Seamless Sport Vest

    Adidas Womens Seamless Sport Vest

    Seamless garments is based on the human body curve and physiological functions, using today's high-tech textile technology combined with the advantages of traditional underwear. The pre-designed computer program is woven into a cylindrical garment piece at a time, and then the whole piece is dyed, and then a simple tailoring and sewing is performed to make a garment. So it has a very close-fitting effect.womens sport vest Because it has no side seams, the continuous weft-knitted fiber weaving process makes the clothes have superior stretchability, far more than the seamed garments.seamless vest Seamless garments use a variety of fibers for blending, especially the advantages of elastic fibers and other fibers are perfectly combined, which not only reflects the comfort and beauty of the fibers, but also reflects the wear-resistant and washable, non-deformable and easy-care functions.Adidas seamless vest Therefore, the seamlessly crafted underwear and sportswear are very close-fitting and comfortable, without oppression and discomfort.seamless vest

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